J Wedge
J Wedge donates $2 to the American Cancer Society for every pink J Wedge sold in October.

Pink-219x328-customAccording to the American Cancer Society, approximately 39,620 American women will die from breast cancer in 2013. In an effort to educate women and raise funds for cancer research, October was named National Breast Cancer Awareness Month over 25 years ago.

J Wedge owners Mike and Carolyn Janzen are excited to announce that throughout the month of October, the company will be donating $2 to the American Cancer Society for every pink J Wedge sold. The J Wedge, an innovative treatment for plantar fasciitis/heel pain, comes in seven different colors. It can be purchased for $19.95 online at http://www.jwedge.com. Convenient carrying bags are also available for an additional fee.

Developed by runner Mike Janzen and physical therapist Carolyn Janzen, the J Wedge was a creation of necessity. Mike, who had participated in various races ranging from one mile to marathons, developed a severe case of plantar fasciitis. Though he tried all of the mainstream treatments, including ice, massage, night splints and custom orthotics, none alleviated his pain. Therefore, the two decided to focus on stretching the fascia itself, and the J Wedge was created.

Using the J Wedge three times per day can effectively treat heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and eliminate recurrence too. Furthermore, stretching with this revolutionary tool takes less than one minute.