J Wedge
Running is a wonderful sport. Unlike other activities, it requires little equipment. Throw on a pair of running shoes and you can be out the door, working up a sweat in no time! However, if you're interested in making running a long-term activity, there are a few items in which you should consider investing.

1) A quality pair of shoes

Do yourself a favor. If you haven't already, go to the nearest running store (like GoRun, here in Wichita) and get properly fitted for a pair of shoes before your next run. The right shoes will help you prevent injuries, blisters, and the dreaded black toenails that are often associated with running long distances. Running shoes average about $100-120 and last approximately 400 miles.


2) Technical clothing

Technical clothing wicks away moisture, preventing chafing. If you'll be running outside all winter, consider purchasing a pair of full-length running tights or pants. You'll also want shirts, like this Under Armour ColdGear Infrared, as well as a fleece jacket or half-zip. Remember, dress as though it's about 20 degrees warmer than it is.

3) Socks, lots and lots of socks

When it comes to running, the right pair of socks is everything. Yes, they seem expensive at about $15 a pair, but they're worth it. Cotton socks trap in moisture causing painful blisters. Pick out socks specific to running. Like tech clothing, they'll wick away sweat, water, etc. You'll also want to wear them when you try on running shoes to ensure a proper fitting shoe.


4) YakTrax

Running outside in inclement weather can be dangerous. Packed snow and ice create all kinds of hazards for even the most experience runner. If you prefer the roads or trails to a treadmill, invest in a set of YakTrax. They conveniently strap onto the bottom of your shoe and provide traction.

5) Running lights or reflective gear

Don't be that runner. You've seen them before. The ones running on busy roads early in the morning or late in the evening sans any kind of lights or reflective gear. Running outside is great, but be safe about it. If you can't fit your run in while the sun is shining, buy some running lights. We prefer the ones that fit on your hands or this reflective vest by Amphipod.

Better safe than sorry! Take a cue from these runners and throw on some kind of reflective gear or running lights to be seen on the roads.


6) Weather-specific gear

Running when it's windy and cold can be brutal. Depending on the weather, you can wear a cold weather headband, a running beanie, or even a face mask. For women who wear their hair pulled back during a run, we recommend the Nike Performance Beanie. It's made with a ponytail hole.

7) J Wedge

Running can make those plantar fascia tight...ouch! Whether you're already suffering from plantar fasciitis/heel pain or you've just started running and want to avoid it, the J Wedge can help. Stretching with the J Wedge is simple (it takes less than ten minutes per day!). Choose from one of our seven different colors here.


Do you have any gear recommendations for new runners? Comment below. We'd love to hear what you suggest!