J Wedge
Finding the right Valentine's Day gift for your significant other is already a daunting task. When your loved one is a runner, that task can be a nightmare. Here's a list of eight, runner-approved, gifts you can pick up at the last-minute (because if you're anything like us, you put gift-shopping off until the last minute!).

1. Massage
As with most exercise, running leaves you with sore muscles. A deep-tissue massage can alleviate soreness and help muscles recover from physical activity. Surprise your sweetie with a gift-certificate for an hour massage. Wanting to take the idea a step further? Try signing up for a couple's massage class! They typically serve dinner and teach you basic massage therapy techniques.

2. Foam Roller
Maybe a massage isn't your loved one's idea of a relaxing time. Get a foam roller instead! It's a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. Bonus points for also printing this guide in addition to purchasing the roller.

3. Pedicure

Does your loved one suffer from callused feet and blackened toenails like numerous other runners? Why not treat him or her to a pedicure for Valentine's day? Spring for the deluxe pedicure; it includesa hot stone massage on the legs, a parafin wax treatment to soften feet, and extensive callus removal along with typical nail treatments.

4. Shoes

This one can be a toughie. If your sweetie has been eying a pair of shoes for quite some time, try getting a pair in his or her size. If you're not sure which size/style/fit he or she needs, pick up a gift card to your local running store. If you're in the Wichita area, just stop by GoRun!

5. Running-Related Jewelry

We are loving this necklace (pictured below)! Maybe your significant other isn't fond of jewelry; try a running watch instead. A high-quality one can be costly, but your sweetie is guaranteed to love it!

6. Race Entry Fee

Paying race fees takes its toll on a runner's wallet. Why not pay for a couple of your sweetheart's entry fees as a heartfelt gift? Take things a step further by willingly entering a race with your loved one! The runner in your life is sure to appreciate such a sweet gesture.

7. Chapstick, Headbands, Other Essentials

Is your loved one always complaining about lack of running essentials? Try putting together a kit with lip balm, a hydration belt, Gu chews, running socks, assorted headbands and/or running hats, etc. for a thoughtful Valentine's day gift.

8. Flowers and Chocolate

Some call it cliche; we call it traditional. A beautiful bouquet and a box of good dark chocolate is a great gift! Change it up with a bouquet of your sweetie's favorite flowers instead of stereotypical roses.