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J Wedge Directions


​The J Wedge was designed to be quick and easy to use. Just use the J Wedge for 30 seconds on each foot three to four times per day and say goodbye to heel pain.

You can use the J Wedge when standing at the bathroom sink, doing dishes or any other standing activity. It makes a great addition to your regular gym or workout routine. Most people know it's a good idea to stretch before you walk, run, or work out but it is equally important to stretch your fasciia after physical activity.

Compared to most of the plantar fasciitis treatment options on the market, the J Wedge is an affordable choice. Night straps, custom shoes and orthotics are all very expensive and may not work for everyone.

The J Wedge is so small, compact and portable, it is easy to throw it in a purse or just about any bag and take with you anywhere you go. Buy a second one to have on hand at work, or in your gym locker.

If you have a wall and a floor, you have all the tools you need to get started using the J Wedge effectively.

  1. Place the J Wedge on the floor with the longer edge flat against a vertical solid surface, such as a wall or a heavy piece of furniture.

  2. Remove shoes and socks.

  3. Point your big toe up slightly and rest against the wedge while lifting your foot just a little off the ground, allowing for maximum stretch.

  4. Let your foot slide down so your foot is flat on the floor from about the ball of your foot back.

  5. Repeat steps 2 thru 5 with your other foot. (We recommend doing both feet even if only one is bothering you, in order to prevent future occurrences in the non-injured foot.)

  6. If your big toe is too tight to use the J Wedge with the long side against the solid surface, rotate it so the short flat edge is against the solid surface. This will still give you a good stretch and you should eventually be able to work up to the larger slope.



  1. Hold the stretch on each foot for approximately 30 seconds each time.

  2. Stretch both feet first thing in the morning before you have had a chance to put much weight on it.

  3. Stretch again either later in the day, after you have been on your feet all day, or at least before going to bed.

  4. If you are a runner or walker, stretch with the J Wedge before and after each run or walk, in addition to your morning and evening routine.

  5. It is not recommended to use the J Wedge more than four times a day.

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