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"Before getting my J Wedge I went to a podiatrist who sold me expensive inserts for my shoes which did little good. Nor did he tell me about any exercise routine or physical therapy. I was to the point I could barely walk in the morning. Then I accidently ran across the JWedge. After using it only a week with the enclosed instructions I had a drastic change and reduction in pain. Now I use it daily and have no pain or even the slightest irritation.

I'm sold, and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with plantar fasciitis."

–– Steve T., Wichita, KS

"Fortunately recently came across a product called The J Wedge I thought I should give it a try since I haven't had any luck with other forms of exercises to relieve my pain. I was skeptical at first of course since nothing seemed to work but I was very surprised that after day one I noticed a decrease in aggravation and pain. Developed and made in America this wedge was designed by an avid runner and a physical therapist so you know its gotta be worth a try. With a few daily stretches on a flat surface you should see those nagging foot pains slowly going away. I do like this product and will continue to use it if the need to relieve my pains arises."

–– Adam S., Cypress, TX

"I just want to say that I received my J Wedge in the mail on April 9, 2015. I started using it that evening. My life has changed because of it. I have been to a podiatrist and have had orthodics made to fit my feet. I've done all kinds of exercises, bought a splint to sleep in and a special sock type splint to wear with my shoes, ice, streche. This is the first thing that worked. I couldn't stand on my foot in the morning and would have to put my foot in a splint and orthotics in my shoes. The next day after first using the J Wedge, I forgot my splint and realized I was walking with no pain. It has changed my life. Thank you for creating a great product. "

–– Rhonda R., TX

"I used the J Wedge first thing in the morning because that was the time after I was most inactive. I am generally up and down all day on my feet and the plantar fascia becomes painful after periods of inactivity. You can use the J Wedge up to four times per day. So if you spend a lot of time being inactive, you can use it after those times.

I have been using the J Wedge for several weeks now and I definitely do notice that I have less pain than I did before I started."

–– Ellen C., Rutland, VT

"Dear Mike— You were absolutely right and what a relief I have received! It is truly a godsend and I will never be without my J Wedge. Thank you for helping me restore my walking!"

–– M. Charles, Auburn, AL

"As I work toward my next half marathon, I can't thank the J Wedge enough for helping with my foot issues!"

–– Jen R., Columbia, MO

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